Raisins, figs of Malaga with designation of origin

Protected Designation of Origin MALAGA RAISIN

Go to Malaga DenominaciónLa passes with designation of origin is the grape dried and preserved whole variety Muscat of Alexandria, also called Moscatel de Malaga. It is a variety that is suitable for table grapes and making wine.

The grain (berry) is purple, rough texture and a fleshy interior pulp elastic and flexible.
He was not extracted seeds. It has an intensely sweet taste as fresh grapes have high sugar content, which is naturally concentrated in the drying process. Presents the aroma own

The Malaga raisin is a traditional component of the Mediterranean diet. Its use brings a high nutritional value and many health benefits, especially for its antioxidant action against free radicals, related to cardiovascular diseases, degenerative diseases, cancer and aging processes.

The Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) designates the name of a product whose production, processing and preparation must be made in a given geographical area, with special expertise recognized and established.

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